What is a Clearing House

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A yacht clearing house is the primary link between the charter yacht operator and the charter yacht broker community. Your clearing house keeps your calendar of available chartering dates along with all of your up to date rates, yacht specifications and other vital details about your yacht and your crew.

Your charter clearing house will provide you with marketing strategies, social media recognition and a mailbox service. When looking for a quality minded clearing house, a charter yacht operator should take into account their homeport location, as well as their accessibility to their clearing house office. Your clearing house should also be able to discuss and implement an individual marketing plan designed specifically for your business while promoting the charter yacht vacation industry as a whole.

Yacht clearing houses concentrate on maintaining your paperwork, funds and data so that you may optimize your charter time out on the water. These services include Contract management, escrow of funds and maintenance of your data in a central database.

While the Virgin Islands were at one time known for pirates, times have changed. Clearing houses do have certain legal responsibilities to our owners, crews, brokers and guests. Requirements change from time to time and you will be informed as any and all changes occur.