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Charter Yacht Show

VICL Annual Fall Yacht Show

You’ll find the most current updates on events, hotel discounts and sponsors online at vicl.org  Yacht and broker registration is also available.

The Virgin Islands Charter League is an organization that represents Yachts, crews, brokers, vendors and management companies within the Virgin Islands. Established in 1968, their primary purpose is to promote crewed chartering in the Virgin Islands and create an environment for the whole industry to share.

Since the first show in 1974, VICL hosts and organizes the annual fall yacht show. This show scheduled in November allow brokers from around the world to come to the Virgin Islands and preview our yachts so they can effectively sell our very unique product and destination.

Click here for the latest information on the upcoming show!

VICL Yacht Show
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Travel Insurance

Client Deposit Insurance

Trip cancellation / Trip Interruption insurance is available for your clients, not only for the cost of a charter, but for all the attendant expenses such as airfare, hotels (if applicable) and other vacation costs. Some types of insurance even include lost luggage, delayed luggage and medical expenses, including air evacuation!

NOTE: Most yachts operating in the Caribbean waters during the hurricane season require Trip Cancellation insurance.

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Ferry Schedules

Whether your vacation is on St. John or you are visiting St. Thomas and want to head over to St. John for the day – you will be taking a boat to travel between the two islands.

Read More: http://www.vinow.com/stjohn/getting_there/

Virgin Islands Ferry Schedules: http://www.vinow.com/travel/virgin-islands-ferry-schedules/

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Weather Links

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Hurricane Info

This page will have updates as named storms approach the islands and in the wake of their passage, including: status of boats as we find them out, status of any charters interrupted by the storm, and any other information which we have. Please remember that the people here have their own homes and boats to look after and preparation for a storm can take several days. If a storm is approaching, Flagship will prioritize its efforts to dealing with charters now underway or soon approaching. New inquiries or problems farther down the road will be dealt with after the current emergency is put to bed.

For latest updates on Caribbean weather, we suggest visiting www.caribwx.com which has excellent satellite coverage and a special page dedicated to hurricanes.

As power outages occur, please remember that our lines are not dependent on electricity. As phone lines permit we will plug in non-electrical dependent telephones. Please be patient. We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.