Why Join Flagship?

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Flagship offers its members many benefits:

  • Development and maintenance of a no contact electronic brochure for broker use to sell charters as well as pdf file for print brochure available to brokers.
  • Listing and electronic brochure on Central Yacht Agent & Flagship websites.
  • Listing of charter rates and other details on our website, Central Yacht Agent Web site and the CDI Guide.
  • Office hours of six days per week for boat & broker convenience.
  • Follow up with brokers on charter deposits, contracts, preference sheets and passenger manifest details.
  • Electronic filing of e-NOAD upon request.
  • Website for owners and crew to view and download upcoming charter details.
  • Advice and assistance on marketing ideas, rates and other essentials to begin your chartering adventure.
  • Advice and assistance in compliance with operating requirements for the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, down island throughout the Caribbean, east coast of US Mainland and the Bahamas.
  • Full time monitoring of legislation affecting US Coast Guard, Maritime Coast Guard Agency, US Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection requirements for chartering in our waters.
  • Private mailbox & physical address in the US Virgin Islands, for receipt of USPS mail, Fed-Ex, UPS & DHL services.
  • Daily delivery of mail to CYM in Tortola, for BVI based yachts.
  • Calendar management and active marketing of our yachts to brokers.
  • Full office services including photocopying, scanning and office supplies.
  • Unlimited local calls & faxes (relating to charters)

Call us today at 1-800-934-0032 or 340-774-5630.

You can reach us via email at calendar@flagshipvi.com. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about beginning your adventure with a charter yacht clearing house in America’s Paradise.