ENOAD Requirements

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Electronic Notice of Arrival and Departure

In response to the events of September 11, 2001 a rule was published in the Federal Register entitled “Temporary Reporting Rules for Arrival in US Ports”. This rule with some changes was enacted into law on June 19, 2002. On October 4, 2005 this law was applied to crewed charter yacht vessels. > If you would like to read the entire ruling go to http://www.nvmc.uscg.gov

In essence this ruling requires you to electronically file your departure and arrival in US waters. When you leave the USVI and go to the BVI you must file your intention to do so. When you return, you must again file this intention. While technically due to the actual length of our voyages (less than 24 hours from port to port) you must file at least 15 minutes prior to departure or arrival it is prudent to file at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Any changes in departure/arrival time (within a six hour window) or changes in crew or passengers must be reported prior to departure/arrival.

You may file these submissions yourself. The on line format is located at www.nvmc.uscg.gov. You can go on line and create an account for yourself. One you have created this account you can create a template for filing. Call us for step-by-step instructions once you have visited the site.

Flagship will file for you, if you prefer. Ask for a Request for Filing form when you join.