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Flagship Charter Yacht Services

The Premier Yacht Charter Clearing House in St. Thomas VI. Since 1988

We are Flagship Charter Services, and we have enjoyed the role as the original and premier charter clearing house in the United States Virgin Islands since 1973 (previously Homeport).

We are pleased to be able to provide you a selection of the most highly valued and professionally operated charter yachts in the Caribbean. Our fleet of yachts range from sailing vessels to motor yachts which are able to meet and exceed every expectation you have ever had in a Caribbean charter yacht vacation.

  • Our all inclusive website provides a multitude of functions including valuable information for future charter yacht vacationers, as it concerns our charter fleet collection.
  • We provide up to date data for our partners in the charter broker community, including menu samplers, crew biographies and yacht specifications.
  • Lastly, we provide our potential new charter fleet Captains and Crews complete mail, banking, charter calendar maintenance and individual marketing strategies designed exclusively for your business.

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Flagship exists to help you achieve your goals. Our far-reaching knowledge and resources can help you set expectations that can be realistically met. Our members range from new yachts to established charter vessels.

We also have VICL. Our membership program is simple and affordable.  It enables yachts, vendors, brokers and management companies to come together in one place.

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Up-to-the-minute Calendars

Our personnel strive to stay knowledgable of our yachts, their accommodations and crews. We maintain up-to-the-minute calendars on each yacht as well as current yacht and crew information sheets. Our information is only as current as what your provide us.

When you subscribe to Flagship we will ask you to fill out various information sheets. We will work with that information. Any time there is a change; crew changes, new toys, additions to the yacht and calendar updates just let us know. We will update the information as you give it to us.

Our office staff would appreciate an invitation to visit your yacht. It is easier to answer broker questions if we have seen your vessel.

Flagship will NOT recommend your yacht to brokers. Brokers must ask specifically for your yacht OR if they are looking for yachts available in a certain time frame our staff will supply them with all yachts in that range. If you are asked for specifically by a broker all information will be provided. It is important that you stay in touch with the brokers to keep your name on the top of their booking list!